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  • Mission

    Utilize a fusion of photography and texture unveiling an unconventional view of local, national and global issues that will foster discussions imperative for viable solutions.
  • Vision

    Our society is faced with far-reaching issues that affect millions and will greatly impact future generations. RCF Matters will use art to shed light on these issues, showing that we are all connected by their reach, and act as a catalyst for solutions and change.


…providing you with links relative to our campaigns. If you or anyone you know is in need of help or assistance, please contact any of these organizations.

*Please note that by selecting any link, you will be redirected  to an external site*

1.2MM people are infected with HIV. 20% of those infected are unaware of their HIV status. One of the most selfish risks you can take today is not being test for HIV/AIDS.   Get Tested and Know Your Status.  Click above to find a location near you.

HIV | Get-Tested


Wake County Sheriff Depart | Internal Affairs

Raleigh Police Dept Internal Affairs Email

How To File A Complaint

Durham Police Department | Internal Affairs

Durham Police Citizen’s Complaint Form

NC ACLU | General Complaints Intake Form

NC ACLU | A Guide to Reporting Transgender Issues

NC ACLU | Racial Profiling Complaint Form

NC ACLU | Racial Profiling Checkpoints

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