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  • Mission

    Utilize a fusion of photography and texture unveiling an unconventional view of local, national and global issues that will foster discussions imperative for viable solutions.
  • Vision

    Our society is faced with far-reaching issues that affect millions and will greatly impact future generations. RCF Matters will use art to shed light on these issues, showing that we are all connected by their reach, and act as a catalyst for solutions and change.

HIV/AIDS Awareness

See~Speak~Hear~Know…the Truth – An HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign

Please take a moment to view our first feature PSA.  After which, you can learn more about the campaign and view our artwork.

See               When we interact, we allow people to SEE what we want

Speak           When we SPEAK, most times we say what people want to hear

Hear             When we listen, do we truly HEAR what the person is saying

Know            For as much as we proclaim “we want to KNOW the truth”, can we actually handle it

For our founding campaign, we are striving to provide a different view of awareness for HIV/AIDS. With this campaign, we are creating a Pictorial PSA to be virtually launched on December 1, 2014 …World AIDS Day. The campaign itself is based on the principles: See, Speak, Hear No Evil and we’ve entitled it… See, Speak , Hear, Know…the Truth

Annie Lennox QuoteFor this campaign, a scene will be set where you can actually visualize yourself.  What we wanted, when putting this together, was for our friends, family and most anyone to see themselves…to see themselves in situations that are real. This thought was derived from the fact that, as a people, we tend to get lost in the emotion of a moment and take leave of our senses.  How many times have you been involved in a “relationship” where it gets heated and you more or less loose your mind…you can’t think straight, feel you’re too far gone and can’t stop or simply become self-indulgent?  It happens to the best of us.  And this campaign is aimed to prevent those loses of sense; it is aimed to give you pause and remind you that it’s never too late to stop….to stop and have “the conversation”    about  ……   Your  ……   Status.

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