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  • Mission

    Utilize a fusion of photography and texture unveiling an unconventional view of local, national and global issues that will foster discussions imperative for viable solutions.
  • Vision

    Our society is faced with far-reaching issues that affect millions and will greatly impact future generations. RCF Matters will use art to shed light on these issues, showing that we are all connected by their reach, and act as a catalyst for solutions and change.

December 2016

When I Met Her

For World AIDS Day, we put the call out to asking people to submit their personal stories of how HIV has affected them. We received this letter and were brought to tears by the honesty, acceptance and truth conveyed in this submittal.

Meet Lauren, who shares the story of when her new friend Jacquelyn opened up about her status.

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Cody Hall – Two Years Later

Here we are again, with another interview in recognition of World AIDS Day. We were able to catch up with friend and Guest Blogger, Cody.

Cody comes to us as a result of a commmercial on we saw on the Logo Channel. From that, we started following him on Twitter and when we finally made an introduction, we quickly became acquaintances.

Cody is a huge advocate of HIV Awareness, Gay Rights and simply just doing the right thing. So it is only fitting that he be one of the people we reconnected with on this day.  

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Gia – Two Years later

Today, in recognition of World AIDS Day and the two year anniversary of our HIV Awareness Project, we decided to circle back around to one of our favorite guest bloggers, Gia. In the past, Gia has shared with us about her life and the day she was diagnosed as POS. We were thrilled at the idea of catching up to her again – to see where she is and what’s been going on with her.

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