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  • Mission

    Utilize a fusion of photography and texture unveiling an unconventional view of local, national and global issues that will foster discussions imperative for viable solutions.
  • Vision

    Our society is faced with far-reaching issues that affect millions and will greatly impact future generations. RCF Matters will use art to shed light on these issues, showing that we are all connected by their reach, and act as a catalyst for solutions and change.

Who We Are

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Hello and Welcome to RCF Matters!

RCF Matters is an extension of Reflections by Cathy Foreman (RCF), that was created in an effort which will allow me to add a purpose to my creative outlet.   A photographer for five years, I love what I do, but what I love more is the creative process after taking the photo. This is a place where I get to relish in a moment or thought and create a unique piece based on that moment. Since starting RCF, I’ve always felt as if there were a higher purpose for this thing that I have grown to love. That purpose was given to me through a dream. And from that dream, RCF Matters was created. As I have delved deeper into the potential of RCF Matters, it has been concluded that it is much bigger than me and it is my intent to help shed light on issues affecting us locally, nationally and globally over the next few years.

Whether you know me personally, from a business stand-point or not at all, the one thing we can agree upon is that there are a myriad of injustices in this world. While I may not be able to touch on all of them, I certainly can make every effort to touch on some of the ones that are constant, but yet fade in and out of people’s consciousness.

Using Art helping to raise public awareness is just one way we intend to help hi-light these issues. However, the one thing we know to be true is that conversations will always need to be conducted and that is the primary way we intend to help.

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